NEWS: The Ensemble "Umberto Giordano" pays tribute to Giuseppe Verdi


“Argentinean Passion” is a performance dedicated to the genius, the magic and the innovation of Latin American music, and is completely dedicated to the tango and to its profound artistic meaning. A couple of dancers will alternate elegant and virtuoso choreographies on the music of Angel Villoldo, Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla arranged by Stefano Bartolucci and played by the Italian “Ensemble Giordano”.

With these special ingredients, dance and music will evoke the most romantic sentiments and a unique atmosphere. The essence of Argentinean tango is about life and, especially, about the relationship between a man and a woman. Tender or dramatic, comic or sad, always true, intense and passionate, tango is the history of love – in three minutes. The performance is very fascinating as the music goes from the early 1900 to the modern Astor Piazzolla: an overview of tango history and culture in its authentic shape. As the performance is completed with a bandoneon player and a authentic tango singer, the evening perfectly evokes a night in a milonga.


The artists of the Ensemble, personalities of the music world each with an international career, have performed in the most important theatres all over the world, from Vienna to Paris, from New York to Moscow, from Buenos Aires to Mumbai, from Sidney to El Cairo, from Seoul to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Rome. The ensemble performed at Carnegie Hall in New York on 30th April 2010, and then made a tour in South Korea and Europe.

The artists have also recorded individually for many televisions and record companies, such as Bongiovanni, Velut Luna, Amadeus, Naxos, etc. The vocalist has performed together with Astor Piazzolla and Pablo Ziegler, and the bandoneonist has played, among others, under the baton of Riccardo Muti.

The dancers are among the most qualified in Europe and in Argentina, where they have performed in many theatres and where they are well-known to the public and to the critics.

The ensemble has collaborated with artists of international relevance, producing original and very eclectic performances which go from classical music to lyric opera, and from tango to singer-author songs. Among the artists who collaborated with the Ensemble or individually with the musicians we can remind Enrico Dindo, Uto Ughi, Josè Carreras, Raina Kabaivanska, Roberto Benigni, Jerry Lewis, Bart Bacarach, Sergio Castellitto, Mirella Freni, Liza Minelli, Charlie Haden, Carla Fracci, Andrea Bocelli, Michele Placido, Gigi Proietti, Riccardo Muti and many others.

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