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FRANCESCO MONTARULI - He began his studies at the Music Conservatory of Foggia under the guide of M° Osvaldo Pirani, and continued with M° Giorgio Ravenna in Rome, graduating with the maximum vote. After that he attended the proficiency courses with M° Mihai Dancila.

Even before graduating he was involved in important concerts with chamber groups of different composition. He has been the cellist of the chamber group “I Solisti Dauni” (ensemble which was awarded the prestigious Premio Abbiati in 2005) for more than 10 years, performing for important Italian and European musical associations (Milan, Rome, Paris, Lione, Naples, Venice, Lanciano, Messina, Enna, Bari, L’Aquila, Novara, etc.).

Interested in contemporary music, he has played works of the main Italian composers (Bussotti, Berio, Pennisi, Manzoni, Donadoni, Petrassi). He performed in duo with the piano, with different orchestras (Orchestra "Scarlatti" RAI of Naples, Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese) and with chamber groups (Solisti Aquilani, Orchestra da Camera di Bologna, Fiati di Parma). He has been first cello of the orchestra of Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari for five years, taking part at many tours abroad (France, Spain, Egypt). He was also first cello of the Symphony Orchestra of the Teatro di Salerno and of the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana.

Since 2003 he collaborates with the Ensemble “L’arte dell’arco”, and performs for the most important associations and Italian musical festivals, also recording with the recording label Amadeus, Dynamic, ASV and CPO. With the same ensemble he has toured in Japan, in June 2005. He’s also part of the chamber group “I Solisti Filarmonici Italiani”, and with them he has toured in the United States for 12 concerts. Since 1990 he’s teacher of cello at the Music Conservatory “Umberto Giordano” of Foggia.
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